Meet Charlotte and Glen Irelan, members since 2000 and 2003, respectively. They may be retired from work but not from life.

Seniors aren’t what they used to be at least not what most of us think of in terms of Seniors.  The new Seniors are active, strong, and involved and they are participating in the same classes as their younger counterparts. The difference is that their physical and nutritional needs change as they age.

At InsideOut, we have specific classes designed for Seniors and special programs that target Senior fitness specifically because we have found that most of our Seniors work out at different times than our general population.

So, we added four daytime classes inclduing Senior TRX which meets twice a week and our Tai Chi  classes that  meet during the day twice each week. We also host a SENIOR STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING workshop the second Wednesday of every month where we specifically address issues that are important to our Senior population including:  nutrition, balance, strength, cardio vascular exercise, and much more. Plus, we are adding more Senior specific classes to the calendar this fall, including Spinning and Rowing.

Several of our personal trainers also specialize in Senior Strength and Conditioning, so if you have a specific goal, we can help you reach it. Click on the calendar to check out the Senior TRX and Tai Chi times, and come check out a class.


Conditioning and weight training for Seniors is vital if you want to remain active and independent.  We train our Seniors with the same vigor that we train anyone else. The difference is that we accommodate their changing needs and pay special attention to issues that specifically target aging.  Our motto is, “use it or lose it.”

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