colorlogoinside100What?  A gym that’s been around for 26 years?  Founded in 1996, InsideOut was the first gym in Memphis to recognize and implement fitness for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Today, InsideOut is still owned and managed by one of its original founders, plus another partner, who officially joined the partnership in 2014.

In these uncertain global times, the era of the old fashioned small businesses that catered to its customer is rare. Call us old school, but we built InsideOut on the foundation of customer service, and maybe that’s why we are still around 26 years later.

spinshotInsideOut started the Yoga, Pilates, Dance,TRX, Waterrowing & Spinning trends that you see now at local health clubs and we’ve been recognized in Self Magazine’s Fitness issue as one of the top gyms in the country. Since then, every other gym and health club in town has followed our lead. So, we try to continue challenging everyone else by adding new workouts, classes, and equipment as often as possible. Our facility is almost 9,000 square feet, with separate classrooms so that we have the ability to hold multiple classes simultaneously. Our weekly class count tops 25 FREE classes per week for members. Beyond that, InsideOut is the kind of gym where everyone feels comfortable regardless of his or her fitness level, gender, or age. You don’t need to get in shape before you join InsideOut.


We are now the only privately owned full-service gym with equipment, classes, and personal training in town. WE ARE NOT A CHAIN. And NO, we haven’t been “bought out” by the big franchises. The owners of InsideOut continue to manage it everyday. That means at least one owner is on site everyday and available to take care of your needs.


We are also the only gym in town who provides FREE classes to members, including Spinning, Spin-Flex, TRX, Rowing, Yoga , Box Aerobics, floor work and weight training , and Boxing. Plus, we offer free equipment orientation classes, orientation classes for Spinning, Rowing, and TRX, nutrition and fitness workshops, not to mention, the best staff in town.

Please stop by and take a tour. Don’t worry – we don’t do high pressure sales jobs like other gyms. We’ll show you around and tell you about our place without that old “health club pressure” to join, so come on in for a visit. If you’d like to try one of our classes or just want to check out the equipment, the drop-in fee is only $20. And, if you join within 7 days of that visit, we’ll take the $20 off of your first month. We hope to see you soon.


JESS1Our goal is to make sure our members reach their goals, but most importantly, we want them to have FUN in the process. We design our classes to be challenging, but we have a sense of humor and understand how “body issues” affect everyone.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a world class athlete or a grandmother just beginning to work out, we have a class to suit your specific needs, and we’ll help you learn along the way.

InsideOut Gym Memphis