LIMITED MEMBERSHIP (Short Term Memberships Without Contract)

3 Month Membership (No Contract)…….$245.00
6 Month Membership (No Contract)…….$425.00
One Time Visit/Individual Class fee….$ 10.00
Guest Fee (Must be with Member)………$ 5.00**

Initial Downpayment

Special Note: All monthly membership rates are based on a one year membership contract.  After the completion of one year, members may choose to go month to month.   We do not offer a monthly membership without the initial one year contract.  Our shortest membership available is 3 months.

*Our membership rates are simple. Individuals pay $48 per month and couples pay $43 each per month. Couples do not have to be married but must reside at the same address. They must sign up at the same time and show proof of same residence.

**Maximum times a guest may attend with member is 3 times per month.


Members who sign up for the one year unlimited membership may cancel their membership at the end of the one year period by giving us 30 days notice in writing via regular mail or hand delivery; however, if you use regular mail, it is your responsibility to call the gym and confirm that we did receive the written notice.

Once we receive written cancellation, we begin the process with our billing company. (Example: If your normal billing cycle charges you on the 15th of the month and you cancel on the 5th, you will be billed for one more cycle since you must give 30 days notice).

You may cancel before the end of your membership contract only when moving further than 25 miles from the gym, in which case you must provide proof of your move (ie. utility bill in your name at your new address, letter of acceptance from new employer in new city, etc.).

If a member chooses on the original contract to renew the membership automatically (our month to month option), he/she may cancel after the original expiration date by giving 30 days notice in writing. All cancellation procedures listed above apply.