Indivdual (Personal) Training

nat3Yea, that’s right…personal training means one on one with a trainer.  It’s your space, and yours alone.  This ain’t group training.  Your trainer won’t get distracted by someone else in the group.  Your trainer is all in, all focused, and the focus is on YOU!

Personal training has evolved over the years to include many different formats:  small group, large group, boot camp styles, etc., but personal training as it was intended means your trainer works with you and only you during your time on the floor. Whether you want to lose weight, train for a specific event, or rehab an injury, we have a trainer who specializes in one or more of those disciplines.

sweatshop-071breenAt InsideOut, our personal trainers understand that concept on a deeper level, and since their focus is only on you, that trainer gives you exclusive time on the floor and time on the back end as well.  You decide what you want to achieve,  set your goals then simply show up and let our trainers take you to that goal. If you want your training to include indoor and outdoor workouts plus a weekly plan, we can accommodate that as well.  We can even write travel plans for you so that you don’t lose fitness when you are out of town.

luciacharlungeInsideOut personal training is about your success.  We have options available if you have limited funds plus we try to tailor our packages so that our members receive the best value possible.

Get the maximum savings when you sign up for 24 sessions, or if you know how to train with weights and cardio but aren’t sure how to set up a program to achieve your goals, one of our trainers can write a training prescription program for you.

That way, you will receive personalized programs and weekly plans from your trainer but the cost is lower because you are working out on your own.  Whatever your needs, we can find a way to accommodate them. And if you don’t see what you are looking for on our training menu, just ask.

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